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Client Story Callisto

Delivering the News via the Callisto App

Callisto’s branded version of moneyinfo is called the Callisto App.

Callisto are based in a beautiful parkland setting close to Rainford in England’s north west. Andrew Platt, CEO says “We are proud to serve clients from across our region and further afield, helping them to establish their values, vision and goals, get their financial houses in order and establishing a solid foundation for achieving future plans.”

Andrew is passionate about Financial Life Planning – helping clients to uncover their goals and encouraging them to live life to the full. This is backed up with the latest technology to provide a financial plan and allow clients access to their financial life whenever and wherever they need it.

Having already launched the Callisto App to their clients, in April this year they decided to use it to deliver their quarterly client newsletter for those clients who preferred to receive their information electronically. Some clients had still opted for postal delivery. Andrew gave Dan (Dan Martin) the job of doing the postal deliveries of the newsletter and Liz (Elizabeth Platt) the delivery via moneyinfo. 

Liz and Dan were sitting next to each other and it hadn’t occurred to them until Liz had processed her allocation through moneyinfo just how much quicker the process was via moneyinfo. Even excluding the significant cost saving of not having to print and post the newsletter, the speed of delivery and being able to see who’s opened the newsletter often within minutes of its delivery is a huge operational bonus.

For Andrew, this evidenced just how good a tool moneyinfo is for the Callisto business and having seen the benefits they’re keen to move all of their paperwork delivery through the portal.

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