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Onboarding with the Client Hub

Andrews Gwynne’s branded version of moneyinfo is called the Client Hub.

Since 1979 Andrews Gwynne have specialised in building personal long-term relationships with private clients, combining fee-based, independent-minded advice with discretionary investment portfolio management.

Douglas Croft, Partner “We’ve never been about product sales and we never will be. We’re about being a trusted partner. We’ve strived to keep as much of our client’s wealth under our own control, using as few product providers as necessary and maintaining the responsibility of investment research and strategy for client portfolios in-house on a discretionary basis.

Ultimately, the firm has always been, and always will be, about offering reliable, financially beneficial advice to clients on an individual basis, working closely with them and their heirs.”

Andrews Gwynne were an early adopter of moneyinfo and are now using moneyinfo right at the start of the client take-on process to help speed-up onboarding.

"We recently onboarded a new client from Australia, including completing his SIPP application within 24 hours"

Samantha Teale, office manager at Andrews Gwynne -

“We rolled out the Client Hub to all our clients following a launch event in London. We have received great feedback and many clients are using the hub regularly to view their investment portfolios. More recently we have begun to use the Hub for all our messaging and have moved all client correspondence away from post and email except in the cases where a provider won’t accept electronic signature.

We provide a copy of the Client Hub to clients that are coming onboard and use it to communicate securely and easily. Clients can sign paperwork digitally using the inbuilt DocuSign integration and delivering the paperwork electronically via the Hub greatly speeds up a process that was previously heavily reliant on the post with its inevitable delays. Clients see all their correspondence neatly filed for them and as details of their existing plans come through to us from their existing providers and platforms these appear in Client Hub portfolio helping them see the activity that’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s a much better client experience than previously and helps them see the benefits of our app right from the word go. We recently onboarded a new client from Australia, including completing his SIPP application within 24 hours which was absolutely fantastic and would have taken weeks before moneyinfo.”

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