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IronMarket Case Study

Posted on 31 Jul 2018 in Blog

"With moneyinfo we were able to build our own portal, using our own brand"

IronMarket are an IFA and discretionary investment manager serving predominantly retail clients. IronMarket were going through a rebrand and what was really important for them was to have their own portal to support the offering they were giving to clients. With the moneyinfo product and team they were able to build their idea of a digital proposition out into something which was driven by what their clients wanted.

Wes Wilkes (Founder/Director) at IronMarket Group - "Working with the whole moneyinfo team, has really added to my thought process of our digital proposition and future mobile proposition for sure. Particularly now we've started from the ground up building our own website from a mobile first base, because I think ultimately that is where everybody is now."

"Working with moneyinfo, we've been able to take our digital proposition to the next level"

Amy Wilkes (Senior Partner) at IronMarket Group -  "The reason we picked moneyinfo is not only for the technology, the integrations, but also for the team, the design, and the support we've had along the way, which has benefited us and our clients. Our clients benefit from using moneyinfo as they can see all of their finances in one place, they can manage their investments, their pensions, their property values and it gives them an overall net worth at the touch of a button..."

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