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Client Story RC Brown

4K Ultra HD TV for your clients' finances

RC Brown’s branded version of moneyinfo is called the RC Brown Secure Portal

RC Brown Investment Management is a multi-award-winning investment manager offering individuals, charities and pension funds long term portfolio management run in a rigorous, well diversified and risk aware manner. The majority of RC Brown’s clients are introduced by Financial Advisers who are attracted to the firm’s active management. 

Independent Research Firm, ARC Research comments “Based in Bristol and only a stone’s throw from Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s iconic Temple Meads train station, RC Brown’s approach to investment management mirrors the ethos of the great engineer who left such a legacy in Bristol: portfolios are built to last, with each component carefully selected and combined to ensure that the portfolio functions as clients expect and require.”

They were moneyinfo’s first investment management client and have helped us develop our client app to offer greater portfolio detail when client’s need it. 

Robert Clark, Sales and Marketing Director comments “RC Brown was a pioneer firm for moneyinfo, being the first DFM to approach them for a client portal. Our clients are a mix of direct clients and introduced from financial advisers. We did have a client portal prior to working with moneyinfo and as one of our clients described it – It’s like moving from black and white TV to Ultra HD with how the moneyinfo portal looks compared to the old version.

"It’s like moving from black and white TV to Ultra HD"

Clients can see the last 12 months values for portfolios and love the benefit of not receiving paper through the post anymore. Their quarterly documents which can run to 30+ pages are delivered instantly as a PDF with a notification to clients on their phone for them to access the information whenever it’s convenient for them.”

Alan Beaney, Chief Investment Officer adds “We are offering clients something special which differentiates us and at the same time we have cut down massively on our paperwork. In our own case, what we have saved on postage and printing has already covered our annual licence fee, regardless of all the other benefits such as separate tailored views for portfolio performance etc.”

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