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Branded Apps for Apple and Android

Give your clients access to your service on their smartphones and tablets so they can interact with you from any place at any time.

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A pocketful of features

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With your clients

In an emergency, moneyinfo makes policy information, insurance contracts, wills, passports and trust deeds accessible to your client at any time. That’s financial peace of mind.

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Documents can be found quickly as they’re stored with the thing they relate to. Home insurance with the property, car insurance with the car. Clients can even scan their own documents into moneyinfo using their phone as a scanner.

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Contact your client securely via moneyinfo manager and the client gets a push notification to their phone allowing them to access and respond to the message conveniently, easily and securely.


Electronic signatures

Documents require authorisation? Send them with built-in DocuSign™ and make it a doddle for your client to sign via their smartphone.


Push notifications

Use moneyinfo to push important notifications to meet your MIFID II reporting requirements and deliver them alongside custom content and an aggregated view of their entire financial life.


Key events

moneyinfo helps keep track of your clients’ complicated financial lives with a financial event calendar showing renewals, maturities, meetings and payments due.

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